"We cannot change the world alone.
To heal ourselves, to restore the earth to life, 
to create the situations in which freedom can flourish,
we must work together in groups."
Starhawk, Truth or Dare: Encounters with Power Authority and Mystery.


The purpose of these guidelines is to offer some suggestions as to how you might establish an ongoing, self-sustainable spiritual community based on Reclaiming principles.

Whether you call that a coven, circle, group, co-op, collective or grove is up to you. We call it a Circle for the purpose of these guidelines.

These are guidelines not rules. Guidelines outline the understandings we share about how we cooperate and function as a collective. They are an attempt to outline in words some of the assumptions and expectations you may share when participating in a Circle.

One of the essential principles of Reclaiming is to promote inherent self-worth. From that perspective you will discover how best to evolve your own Circle. As we change and grow together so these guidelines are ever-evolving. While our focus is upon balance and harmony we encourage diversity. Bring suggestions to the Circle and to the wider Australian Reclaiming community forums. Differing perspectives, friction and even conflicting views can be our most fertile ground for growing stronger and closer.

As you move on into the Reclaiming experience we challenge you and invite you to evolve these guidelines and, like a spontaneous ritual, create a community that is both recognisably Reclaiming and inherently unique and special for your collective spiritual needs.


— Margi Curtis
Wollongong, April 2011

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