The first Australian Reclaiming WitchCamp roared into life on a fiery wave Thursday 21 April 2011, after more than a year in the planning. The Moon was in freedom-loving Sagittarius. The image the Camp projected was fiery, imaginative and happy-go-lucky, with a serious love of mentoring and idealism, reflecting the rising time at the official opening of the Camp at 7:30 pm. At that time, there was a massive planetary stellium that included Venus, Uranus, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter, all in another fire sign of passionate, magnetic and nature-loving Aries. Is it no wonder our camp was witty and generous. Of course the time of the official opening of the Camp was chosen by the resident organizer astrologers on hand. We all agreed this was the most auspicious time to launch the first Reclaiming Camp on Australia. This set the tone for the whole of the Camp.

Each evening ritual built upon another in a way that was both wondrous and transformative. What do I mean by that? Each night different Campers volunteered to be a part of whatever ritual was planned for the night. This meant that although there was always going to be a basic layout of the ritual (purify, ground, Circle cast, main body of ritual, uncast) we never really knew what to expect. So, instead of thinking 'oh my gawd, what are they going to do', we all joined in and felt the presence of the Great Goddess. The final ritual on the last night was a peak experience for me. The energy raised was phenomenal and in raising that energy I also felt deeply connected to the people in the ritual.

It is one of the things I love about Reclaiming is that is it organic (never the same thing) and experiential (for the ritual to work, we all have to be a part of it and get involved). Whilst the teachers took an active, mentoring role in ritual planning, it was the Campers themselves who pulled off the amazing rituals night after night.  My life changed by the end of WitchCamp primarily because I found I could actually begin to hear not only the song of the earth but my own personal song. And I want to sing it again and again.