Emerging from illusion, at Hekate’s fiery crossroads we gather.
Cunning witches reclaim their keys to transformation...

EarthSong was again unable to occur in 2021, but we held an online ritual where community visited and thanked Hekate.


Hekate, Her Name a Mystery unto Itself.

Goddess of Witches. Mother of Mountains. Queen of Angels. Three-Formed. Triple Faced. Keeper of Crossroads and Keys. Witness to the Descent. Primeval Sovereign. Sister to the Fates. Adamantine, we call to You!

The earliest Greek writings regard Her as ancient before the Olympians, to whom even Zeus bows, given a portion of the Three Great Worlds of the Heavens, Earth, and Sea. She was yet to become the terrifying hag-like Witches' Goddess that elite Roman writers cast Her as... and yet She was there in months dying and renewing, at the birth of infants, in the thresholds of things - ever watching... and at the Crossroads, a face to look in each direction.

Hekate may have begun as an ancient Anatolian Goddess of life, death, rebirth, of all the mysteries that touch us. She may be akin to Kybele and Magna Mater and yet throughout the Roman period Hekate became monstrous, filth-eating, and surrounded ever by the baying of hounds, hissing of serpents, and the screeching of owls, who the witches were named for, the Strix, Strigoi, Strega.

Her name is evoked throughout the centuries by poets, politicians, scholars, artists, priests, and the people... She never goes away. She is there, in deep divine presence, holding her tools of power: knife, firebrand, key.

Hekate, a witness, ally, and challenger. In these times, may we each learn to be the witness, ally, and challenger that the worlds require and desire of us.