We are Starfire. We stand at the branching river of our collective choices.
The iron in our blood calls our past, future and wild selves to join with our allies in the cauldron of inspiration.
Love, gratitude, creativity and connection empower and nourish is, transforming our fears.
Embracing our inspired selves we fly. It is time


The great magician Cerridwen, who was versed in the arts of magic, enchantment and divination, set out to brew an elixir of prophetic wisdom for her son Afagddu.  Afagddu was unfortunately ugly, and Cerridwen hoped that if he drank the magical brew, he would prosper in society, despite his appearance.
She gathered a number of herbs to boil in her cauldron, and found a young boy by the name of Gwion Bach (‘Little Poisonous One’) to tend the fire, while she stirred the magical brew for a year and a day.
Finally, after a year and a day, the magical brew was finally ready.  Unfortunately for Cerridwen, She had fallen asleep, fatigued from her long labour.  And so it was that Gwion Bach, who happened to be stoking the fire at the moment the brew reached its magical potential, ingested the three drops of the liquid that contained the essence Cerridwen had been working to create.  Some say that the three drops flew out of the cauldron and when they landed on Gwion’s finger, their heat made him suck his finger to relieve the pain, thus drinking in the elixir.  Others say that out of curiosity, Gwion Bach stuck his finger into the brew to taste it, thus ingesting the three vital drops.
Whether it was an accident, or intentional, Gwion Bach had ingested the three vital drops of the brew.  These were the only drops that were useful to Cerridwen.  The only drops that contained the magical properties of prophetic wisdom.  The remainder of the brew, was toxic, and when it was poured out onto/into the land/lake, it poisoned the drinking water and killed all the horses who drank there.
When Cerridwen discover what had happened, She was furious.   She set chase after Gwion, who shapeshifted into the form of  a hare in his effort to make a rapid escape.   Cerridwen, determined to catch him, shapeshifted into a greyhound and pursued him relentlessly.  Gwion then changed into a fish and jumped into a river to swim away.      Cerridwen followed suit, changing into an otter and swimming after him.  Gwion then changed form, into that of a bird and took flight.  Cerridwen followed him, taking the form of a hawk.      
Finally, Gwion shapeshifted into a grain of barley, hoping that if he made himself small enough, Cerridwen would not be able to find him.  But Cerridwen shapeshifted in to a hen and promptly gobbled him up.
Nine months later, Cerridwen gave birth to a boy in human form.  She set him adrift in a coracle (Celtic hide-covered boat), and that baby boy grew to become the great mystical Bard, Taliesin.