We are a tribe enfolded by Spirit. Honouring our burdens and bounties, we heal our hidden places and the wounded Land.
With appreciation for all that sustains us, we open our hearts and find home.


Somewhere in the far distance of our mythic memory, atop a fairy mound where the mist gathers and where the veils thin between the worlds; there rides a woman on a white horse – sovereign totem of the land. A man on horseback gallops frantically after her. Full of curiosity, passion and desire, yet he finds he cannot catch up to her. Finally, in frustration, he calls out to her to halt! 
Would you call out to her?  Do you feel the pull of kinship between fey and mortal realms? How will you answer?
Otherwordly gateways open in times of need and times of hope. Rhiannon comes to us through the Gates of the World Beyond to love, to wed, and bear a child with the mortal man who called out to her.
What is your need? What needs does our land cry out for?
Unfairly, unjustly accused of a foul crime, Rhiannon spends many years in service - carrying her wounding in her heart and telling her story.  She bears her punishment until her name is finally cleared after many long years. 
What challenges and wounds have bought you to this place to tell your stories, to heal your heart?
Rhiannon, Divine Queen of the Otherworld, comes to take those who call to her on a soul-journey to find the strength to face our challenges, heal our wounds, and those of the land. 
Will you join with us to call her to our work?