We step into the flame and claim our energy, our anger, our passion.
In the fire we craft our tools, and emerge having transformed passion into action.



Surrounded by serpents I emerged from the salt-water Lake Tritonis, the Lake of the Triple Queens, in Libya. Daughter of Metis and blood sister of Medusa- lunar wisdom was what we were known for. Whilst my sister-self carried the knowledge of sex, divination, magic, death and renewal, I presided over the female qualities of courage, strength and valour. As the armoured chaste virgin warrior -a warrior for just causes- I was clothed in the legendary goatskin aegis. I wore a Gorgon mask and carried around my waist a leather pouch containing sacred serpents. I was venerated as protector of the innocent and warrior for righteous causes.

In Greece I was born fully grown and armoured out of the head of the sky god Zeus. I embraced my role, as virgin goddess fighting on just grounds. I became a powerful goddess in a realm of powerful male gods. My solar face was revered. The Greeks crafted the Palladium from a meteor in my honour so that I would protect the city of my name.

In order to guard the dark mysteries and power of my sister-self Medusa, I changed her face to one of fear and darkness that rendered invaders impotent. The Greeks split us off from one another as the acceptable and unacceptable faces of the Goddess, and set us up as deadly rivals.

But heroes must quest to deep places to find knowledge and wisdom. To succeed the Seeker is obliged to challenge the Dark. I send the Seeker to meet my Sister, Dark Queen Medusa. If the Seeker can stand their ground, confront their fear and be as still as stone when they encounter the guardians, they may pass the test.

If so, they can steal the knowledge of the Arts and take this knowledge for their own. They may take it, even if they feel unworthy. Take it, even if they are not quite ready. They may take it despite their self -doubts. For the tools and the knowledge of the craft, has been earned.

The victorious seeker wins the Medusa face, is reborn, and becomes in turn a guardian of the knowledge.

They return to me with the sign of their strength and wisdom. Once again I wear the head of the gorgon on my shield to acknowledge the journey taken.

I am Athena, daughter of wisdom and I am still standing.