From the mystery of the deep, cleansed by the tears of the Mother we emerge purified and strengthened, reawakening the dance of ecstatic life.




Cycling Life.

Cycling arising from within The Mother.

We explore.

We explore the Light, we explore the Dark

Down, down we descend,

To the place of darkness, where we rest as those who are buried rest

The dead, the seed

Beauty below,

Queen of the depths

Shining, She brings solace to those who await transformation

Rising, She brings forth New Life

We lie as if asleep,

In the dark fertile place, the Earth, the womb, the tomb

But lo, there is a light!

Something moves

The Queen comes

Aware of movement,

Aware of change

Aware of light

Aware of love

We stir in the darkness

We awaken, we rise to follow Her!

Guide us as we walk the path back to the living, back to the arms of The Mother

Guide us as we integrate our lessons

We descend in innocence, we ascend in power.

Let us be twice born:



Demeter and Persephone, Mother and Daughter - enrapt, complete, needing no other.

But there comes a time when the Mother must let go and allow her daughter to delve deep into the darkness, to be lost, to explore, to survive, to transform.

Only then can she emerge, guided by courage, in power and strength as an equal.

The Daughter stands before the Mother forever changed. She offers her gifts of wisdom, knowledge, pain and triumph.

Persephone says: I hear the souls of the dead, I listen and guide them to their rebirth. I claim my sexuality and thus am no longer the innocent, but a woman, mature and knowing. Let me be reborn into my own identity.

We explore the journey of the Mother and of the Child – separation, loss, fear, anger, resilience, acceptance, forgiveness, compassion, unconditional love. From the depths, we make our way back to the light in triumph and celebration.