We dance our wild selves into the matrix of transformation.  
Returning to love we renew our world. 


Kali Maa

From the stillness of ages: behold Durga, the Shakti of all the Gods, the power of the stars, the life in the darkness. Lion-mounted, warrior, priestess, mother goddess… Durga comes to battle where the gods do not dare.

In a world overrun by demons, Durga fights, but She must deepen Her power and embrace Her rage if She is to successfully defeat them. From Her third eye, Her centre of insight and understanding, Kali comes forth! 

Kali Maa, Maha Kali — the black mother with the lolling crimson tongue emerges, battling the demons and devouring the stars. It is time to break the bonds of oppression. It is time to liberate ourselves from the stories told to us and about us; to transform our demons into our nourishing mothers and tender-fierce lovers. It is time to love ourselves and each other furiously.

Free of all worldly shackles, the disheveled Kali dances — ingesting and transforming the unspeakable — liberating us from the demonic diseases of these ages. Drunk on blood, with the rage of a mother defending her innocent child, Kali begins to devour all that is. 

Shiva stirs from the bliss of His union with the All and Nothing and beholds Kali, who He loves. From his far-away cave He descends to the battlefield of life and death. As Kali’s lover, Shiva surrenders to Her sovereignty, laying down in Her path, and Kali treads upon Him—

From the stillness of ages, behold.

*This story draws from two tales in the Devī Māhātmya (5th-6th centuries CE)