I am a Wildwood initiate and Reclaiming Witch, living on Wurundjeri country. My pronouns are he/ him/ they/ them. I am a spirit worker, seer, skin turner and fate weaver, who actively strives to be in right relation with many beloved beings.

I have a deep love for herbology, with an interest in entheogenic botany more specifically. Aside from this, I read Tarot, playing cards, and palms. I also facilitates workshops and run public rituals.

My practice is by large ecstatic, sorcerous, gnostic based and animistic with roots in Traditional witchcraft, spirit work and ancestral veneration. When not immersed in a working or divination, I am often found gardening or perfecting recipes of various kinds in the kitchen. As a Pisces I dream big, and am deeply grateful for the community and Traditions that support me in this.