Reclaiming Tradition magic has been a thread I have held for many years as I developed my own magical practice. I picked it up in the 1980’s when a group of my feminist sisters and I read and worked the Spiral Dance.  Since then I have travelled this earth to many places and done many things. Having a deep involvement with Australian Reclaiming , I now live on Wilyakali country, in far western NSW, in the mining town of Broken Hill. This is the third time I have taught at EarthSong WitchCamp and I bring with me 6 years of regular Seidre practice working magic with the norns at the base of the great and powerful ydrasil.

I am a Priestess of the Earth, gardener, healer, teacher, mother, traveller, activist and friend.  A weird, queer witch who works with labyrinth, many deity, Goddess, Nature beings, Mystical Buddhism and Seidre. My pronouns are they and she.

I have been teaching and organising in Reclaiming for 8 years. I love WitchCamps. I love magic. I love Reclaiming community. I believe in the will and power to change, grow, hold and love this earth and each other. I love the mystery and the challenges it brings.