I am a wandering and wondering one. I was born in the island of Bali to Ros and Made John. I grew up with animism and polytheism as default, with the spirits and the great ones ever-present, knowing full-well that my family practised ritual and magical arts and then at 11 years old I embraced it fully. I know and experience myself and the worlds as Witch. I have lived in the stolen and unceded lands of many groups, clans, and nations along the east coast of so-called Australia, but currently I happily reside in Gadigal & Bidjigal Country. 

For thirteen years I have been walking the crooked, cunning road of a professional and public spirit-worker, diviner, spellcaster, priestex and witch. In that time I have also been deeply committed to the private, hearth-hold, in-house magics of powerful threads and traditions of witchery. I am a proud Wildwood, Anderson Feri, and Reclaiming initiate, and these, my family magics, and a powerful thread of British-Tasmanian Craft influences my work and walk in the worlds. 

I am an author, mentor, teacher, eternal student, coffee-lover, traveller, lover, friend, cartomancer, beginner astrologer, rune-reader, dancer, singer, queer non-binary cat-lover, and I am dedicated in relationship to many Great Ones, Saints, and Spirits. 

This will be my 6th EarthSong WitchCamp and my 3rd in the role as teacher. I am excited to return to this camp and this community! You can find out more about me at fiogedeparma.com