Paths run for three hours each morning of Camp. At the beginning of WitchCamp each camper chooses a Path (or the Path chooses them...) and it is followed through five mornings of teacher-facilitated workings that tie-in with the theme and ritual story. Workings are a mix of individual and group working, often including discussions, trance, ritual, journaling, craft and other activities and magical techniques.

If it is your first time at EarthSong it is expected that you will take the Elements of Magic Path unless you have taken Elements of Magic in the community or at another camp.

Elements of Magic

With Fio Gede Parma and Brandon Bearman

The elements of earth, air, fire, water and spirit are an innate part of who we are physically, chemically and emotionally. These building blocks are the organics of life and magic. Each elemental thread connects us to place, ourselves, each other and to all that is within and without, above and below.

Elements of Magic is an introduction to the Reclaiming Tradition and Culture as the first of the core classes, a pre-requisite to all others and so much more. This Path is an exploration of the fundamental skills of magic, ritual practice and structure. 

Whether you are new to our Tradition or not, we invite you on this Path where together we deepen our roots into the poetry and beauty of what a Reclaiming witch may be. We become the world tree and spiral into and out of ourselves, honing and remembering our magical foundation and connection to spirit.


Journeys with the Tree

With SusanneRae and Tracey


Anchoring ourselves to the great ash tree (of nordic mythology),Yggdrasil
Who, at its root, dwell the three norns; urd, verundi and skuld
The fates, our fates, past present and future, they spin the worlds
We travel the worlds, between the worlds.


Building our practice, wisdom and self, we will journey to the tree that reaches out and holds together the realms of spirit, earthly plane and the underworlds.
Working with the norns, freya, yggdrasil, and our deep selves; we will seek pathways for healing, inspiration, contemplation, divination and communion with the godds. 

Seeking ways to untangle the threads of colonisation as we call ourselves back, and into community.


We will work with the technologies of trance, meditation and seirdr.


This is a path for experienced witches who have a strong sense of their own sovereignty. Elements of magic is essential.


During this path we will spend a night out under the stars. If that calls to you, please come to camp prepared for sleeping out.  


Having a staff would be helpful for this path, one that is strong enough to take your weight when you lean on it. Information about preparing a staff will be offered well before camp.


Bring a journal, writing/drawing tools for your own reflection, water bottle, comfort items and snacks as needed.


Pearl Pentacle

With Lisa, Pabs, and August


As we reconnect with community after a long absence of in-person witchcamps, we are offered the beauty and challenge of the Pearl Pentacle. We find ourselves at a peculiar juncture, negotiating the continuing effects of a pandemic while preparing for an unfolding unknown future. 


It is at the crossroads where the World Tree stands, that we can shape our fate. Blessed by deep roots and sheltered by its mighty crown, we do the interpersonal work of coregulation and collaboration. We invoke right relationship and healthy community evolution.

With self-possessed and sovereign Freyja by our sides, we run the Pearlescent current through our bodies. Love… Law… Knowledge…Liberty…and Wisdom. We invite you to step into the sacred risk of the Pearl Pentacle. 

Through our work in this Reclaiming Core Class:

We shall open ourselves to Love - love of self and of other, exploring connection, boundaries and edges.

We will interrogate what Laws and cultural norms bind us in community. Which would we like to challenge?

We will step into the vulnerable and enlivening process of sharing our Knowledge. What precious knowledge are you willing to pass on?

We’ll use the pearlescent current to take a hard look at systems of oppression. What Liberty do we have as individuals and how can one use privilege to liberate the collective?

And we shall sit in and with Wisdom. In sacred acts of witnessing we learn from the wisdom of the body, of the ancestors and of the land.

Reclaiming Elements of Magic and Iron Pentacle are prerequisites. Please bring a journal and a tarot deck if you have one.