Annie only (re)discovered the Craft in 2013 after reading The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley.  Captivated by the resonance of be(com)ing a Priestess of the Goddess, she jumped online and found EarthSong WitchCamp.  With ‘much trepidation’ she signed up to attend camp and has been a regular attendee ever since, though she missed 2017 because she was on a shamanic vision quest and says it ‘felt like a hole in her year’ not to attend.

This is her second year as an EarthSong Org, where she holds the roles of Budget Witch and Venue Witch.  She never intended to become more involved than simply attending EarthSongs, but is drawn to serving this community which has given her so much and, because she spends so much of her time in the Muggle world wearing Hard Yakka workwear and gumboots, rather likes the opportunity to frock up and wear a tiara.

A self-confessed ‘corporate refugee’, she left Melbourne in 2009 to move back to the land and has no intentions of ever moving back to a city.  She is deeply connected to the Land, and since her first EarthSong, has been consciously singing her land (40 acres in West Gippsland) to reconsecrate it back to the Feminine.

Annie is a passionate gardener and cook and loves whipping up a feast for guests from her extensive home garden. She’s also a proud Crone, passionate about bringing Crone power, wisdom and beauty to all the communities in which she operates.