August Wolff (it/they)

I am a trauma informed holistic counsellor, educator and artist. I am queer, trans, disabled and neurodiverse. My experience of multiplicity informs and enriches my personal practice. I’m also a kink witch, tarot creator/reader and skilled priestex. My work in the community focuses on healing and embodiment, activism and personal and interpersonal development via one on one sessions, mentorship, classes and rituals. I enjoy bringing playfulness and gentle space-holding with a no bullshit attitude to my work.

My story of ‘home’ is non-linear and I grew up moving back and forth between northern and southern hemispheres. I’m currently residing in Naarm, on the land of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation, also known as Melbourne.

I had my first taste of Reclaiming style magic over 7 years ago, in the coven of ‘The Falling Stars’, on Darug and Gundungurra Country where I began to attend and collaboratively craft public rituals. Since then I have served the Reclaiming community in a number of ways including four Bowers, Disability magic rituals and activism. I am excited and honoured to be serving the Reclaiming community at my 11th consecutive witchcamp in 2021 and am guided by Hekate through diligent art and magic making, all the way, till our roads meet.

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Fio Aengus Santika/Gede Parma

Fio Aengus Santika/Gede Parma is a Balinese-Australian hereditary spirit-worker, seer, and diviner. They are an initiated witch and work intimately and intensively within the Wildwood, Anderson Feri, and Reclaiming Traditions of Witchcraft. Fio has taught at WitchCamps for a full decade and has been fortunate enough to have taught and participated with Reclaiming communities in four continents. They have taught Witchcraft and Spirit-work in five continents.

Fio has long been in relationship with the Great Spirit called Hekate, having even received an entire system of magic via Her which for several years was worked in community. Hekate seems to like to pass magical systems on to people. Fio is also in deep committed relationship with Persephone, Kali, the Sacred Four of the Wildwood, Aphrodite, Dionysos, Hermes, St Brigid/Brighid, their Fetch-mate, their Ancestors, the Star Goddess and Peacock Angel, the Watchers, and certain families of the Good Folk. They delight in aiding others to deepen and refine their connections with the Spirits and to uncover the power of magic in and as the Body of the Witch here and now.

Fio has written and co-authored multiple books including Ecstatic Witchcraft, Magic of the Iron Pentacle, and Elements of Magic, the latter two with Jane Meredith. They are quite the witch-nerd, a nomad at heart, and is a dedicated student of the art of relationship. It is wondrous to return to EarthSong once more. 


I am a passionate witch, a poetic clown, and a feral gardener with a roaming background in cooking, counseling studies and applied theatre. I grew up on colonised Gubbi Gubbi land on the Sunshine Coast and have now been based in Brisbane (Jagera and Turrbal country) for 13 years. These landscapes of South East QLD – the mountains, rainforests, rivers and coasts, the gorgeous seasons and starlit southern skies – are a beloved magical teacher and ally.

I care about creating powerful containers for self-exploration and rituals of meaning, miracle and transformation, with young people or adult humans, with witches or muggles. My practice centers Play and creative expression, reverence for Beauty, the Earth and the Wild, devotion to vast landscapes and tiny mycelial and planktonic wonders, and committing sorcerous will to the dismantling of Empire.  I’m profoundly enchanted by the living chatter all about us: spirits whispering in the rippling membranes of microbes and the warping motions of star-weeping galaxies. I have taught witchcraft for a number of years, in Reclaiming and other traditions. I am devoted to my mountain-hearted Reclaiming community of Oz and have danced in the many costumes of teacher and organiser, but most enthusiastically as Land-loving-listening-turtle-bearing-trickster.

I’m delighted to serve EarthSong Witchcamp this year as this beloved community of cunning allies gathers at crucial cross-roads.

Lisa Valkyrie (she/her/they/them)

Born in Sweden, I grew up in the deep woods of unrelinquished Algonquin land in Canada before moving to Wurundjeri country 10 years ago. My ancestral gods and land spirits have followed me during both immigrations. Turns out they find wombats as adorable as I do! Nonetheless, I have deeply felt the complexities of moving onto someone else's land with my own alien spirits in tow.

I am a Reclaiming Initiate who has been practicing Reclaiming-style magic for 25 years. My activism takes the form of general shit-disturbing, rewriting gender policy, and creating avenues for Indigenous health initiatives and cultural education. I have devoted a large part of my life to understanding how our bodies function and to developing better treatments for those of us who are severely ill. My spirituality and scientific mind are inseparable and so my magic can get experimental. I relish both dance and stillness in my practice, and always up for a good old-fashioned belly laugh. The dead are my allies in almost all the magic I do.

Over the years, I have been active in the Australian and international Reclaiming communities as a bower priestess, general lackey, teacher, lunch buddy, and witchcamp organiser. I know all roles in community to be equally necessary and sacred. I am truly honoured to be able to return to beautiful EarthSong in this capacity.



I am a queer gemini reclaiming Witch. I was born in Chile on the traditional lands of the Mapuche people under the watchful eye of the Andean mountains. I was born during the time of Pinochet’s military dictatorship, and because of it my family and I were forced to flee Chile to Australia in the late 80’s. Australia at the time having a more compassionate refugee policy granted us asylum. So in 1989 on a humid easter Saturday, we arrived in Sydney where we made our new home. I grew up on Tharawal Country and now live on Cadigal-Wangal Country.

I attended my first WitchCamp (EarthSong actually)! back in 2017 and have been in a love affair with Reclaiming style magic and community ever since. I love taking core classes as well as attending and helping organise Reclaiming style rituals in the Sydney region. Currently I am one fourth of the inner city Sydney Reclaiming cell putting on public full moon rituals in Sydney, and soon cycling onto the CloudCatcher WitchCamp organising team. I fall in love over and over again with Reclaiming, how it empowers us to connect with our true selves and the world around us to do this life changing and world changing work that is magic.

Though devoted to the Godds we know from Ancient Egypt, I know Hekate (ask me about “Heka” and Hekate) and the work that she offers us to take up and do. I’m excited to have been drawn back to this magical community to see past illusion and move further into greater transformation.


Rose Weaver

Born with a witch's mark on Gumbaynggir Country (near Glen Innes NSW), Rose/Indigo has always journeyed with the weird/wyrd. A 58 year-old, gender non-conforming, queer lesbian, grandmother, researcher and documentary filmmaker, they have an affinity with deep, dark, intense magic alongside kind, gentle, embodied healing. An introvert who enjoys public speaking, wild entangled places, stones, trees, still water and forays into spirit realms, Rose/Indigo has been a part of Reclaiming since 2012. They have been an organiser, bower priestess, student teacher and a camper at Australian WitchCamps. They have stood at many crossroads throughout their life’s experiences, and know the vulnerability of heart and strength of will needed to change paths. They continue to advocate for inclusion, dismantling the white supremacy coloniser mindset, understanding and unravelling privilege and practicing clear consent in all relationships.
Rose/Indigo currently lives on Yuggera, Jagera & Turrbal land in Brisbane QLD, while being in relationship with Lucifer, their dragon ally, the Morrighan three, Grandmother Weaver, Bone Woman, and when the need arises or their call is heard, Rose/Indigo works with other deity, spirit and fae beings.

Sue BlackfeatherSue Blackfeather

I was born on the land of the Taungurong people. I spent my childhood freely roaming and exploring the vast paddocks that ran along the edge of the Omio (Goulburn) River. For most of my adult life I have lived (as I do now) in Wurrundjeri Country.

I am an Astrologer, a drummer, seeker of all things curious, story teller, ritualist, spontaneous gardener, grower of herbs, nurturer and resilient traveller.

As a witch with a stellium of planets in Scorpio, I am forever intrigued by the journey of life and how to navigate my way through the tides of transition and change. Mystery, alchemy, transformation and all things Plutonian find resonance within me. 

As a drummer, I recognise the interplay between rhythm and magic. The beating of my human heart reminds me to keep listening, to keep paying attention to the rhythms and cycles of life. Drumming is an innate part of my magical existence and a joyful, ecstatic part of my daily practice, creative expression and energetic release. I see no separation – rhythm is my magic and in magic there is rhythm.

My relationship with Hecate is intense, complex, nurturing and challenging. She is the light that beckons to me beyond the threshold; the witness who waits patiently as I find my way through grief, torment and confusion at the crossroads; and the light that guides me back to home, to self. 

I am delighted to stand with Her and my beloved Earthsong Community at the crossroads as we step beyond illusion towards transformation.

Tracey Cathcart

I was born and raised in Aotearoa/NZ, primarily on Ngapuhi land in the northern part of the country.  My early life was spent living in a town, exploring suburban bushland, playing and wandering the streets and warm weather spent in or around water (coast lines, estuaries, pool, rivers and harbours). I did not meet any other witches until I came to Australia, so I spent the first half of my life just being weird and having imaginary friends.

I spent my twenties wandering and finally settled (somewhat permanently) on Wurundjeri country 21 years ago. I hold immense gratitude for being able to thrive on this land, raise children and participate in extraordinary communities.

My journey with Witchcraft was born over 25 years ago when I was given a copy of The Spiral Dance.  I have practiced solo, and then with groups in the past 15 years. I discovered Reclaiming when I was asked to join a Reclaiming-style coven around 13 years ago.  I was involved with the first Australian Reclaiming Camp, and I have had a love affair with this community since then and have enjoyed watching it grow.

My magical practice draws from astrology, trance, journeying to other worlds, deep listening, the mysteries of sex, and relationship with various spirit beings, and sorcerous practices.  I have always been drawn to the mysterious and the deeper, shadowy recesses of the soul.

I earn a living as a therapist specialising in trauma, where I am committed to helping others know, love and heal and grow as humans in relationship with the world. 

I have been an active member of the Australian Reclaiming community and have held roles as a bower priestess; teaching in community, at Earthsong and Cloudcatcher witchcamps; hoding roles in community rituals; as a member of the Victorian Teachers Cell; and as a general community participant. 

Earthsong is my home camp and holds a very special place in my heart.  I am delighted to teaching at camp this year and to be serving this wonderful community and Hekate.