Paths are workshops that run for three hours each morning of Camp. Paths are a mix of individual and group working, often including discussions, trance, ritual, journaling, craft and other activities and magical techniques.

If it is your first time at EarthSong it is expected that you will take the Elements of Magic Path unless you have taken it in the community or at another camp.

Elements of Magic and the Animistic Witch

With Preston Coyote Vargas, Deb G and Megan Dragon

Can you feel the rhythm of the Land. The spirits of This Place are calling to us. Gnarled trees sway as the Air elementals invite us to dance our histories and hopes. Dusty stone people of Earth call us close to feel their ancient healing wisdoms. Flowing Water spirits shine with the gifts of prophecy. And the life spark within the winged, fanged, fined and hoofed ignites our magic with the passion of Fire. Spirit sings of a Love that connects us to the elements of magick - Earth Air, Fire, Water, Spirit - and each other.

This path is for every first-time Witchcamper and anyone who wishes to re-wild their relationship with the spirits of This Place. Our journey together into animistic witchcraft offers both solid practices and mystical forays in spiritworking.

In Air we will learn the philosophies of magic, the histories of the Reclaiming Witchcraft Tradition and This Land’s language of spellcraft. In Fire we will explore the dynamics of energy, shedding our old stories, and shapeshifting. In Water we draw closer to the currents of the otherworld, elevate our ancestors and dive into oracling the past, present, and possible future. In Earth we touch the foundations of manifestation magic and the healing arts. In Spirit we will conspire to co-creating rituals together. And through it all, we will initiate allyship to Elemental creatures of the Dja Dja Wurrung Country. We will join them in singing the worlds into being.

Let’s re-learn these songs again together, with a spirit of playfulness, experimentation, and fierce feral courage. We will explore time with the land, deep listening, oracular work, movement, ecstatic states, shapeshifting, trance and drum journeying to explore wild realms. As Animistic Witches, we can look at oppressive forces (like white supremacy, colonization, and patriarchy) in the face while singing out our magical wildness.

We can heal the rifts of alienation between all our relations with fierce commitment, and tender love. Belonging is the soft home place, the arousing rhythm, the passionate embrace that we seek together. We find what we seek in each other, and in the animal, plant, earth, and water bodies around us.

The Current of All Living Things

With Urania and Sue Blackfeather

Within the land there is a life force, a current that emanates through all living things.
Within our bodies there is a life force, a pulse that emanates throughout our whole being.
The two are separate; the two are one; the two are always connected.

The rhythms and cycles of the land offer insight and understanding, they become witness to our story, they hold the threads of our ancestry and belonging. The land waits for us to hear the echo even when we stop listening. The land waits for us to see our own reflection even when we stop looking.

How can we be still in a world that is constantly surging? How can we listen when there is so much noise and distraction? How do we look beyond the chaos and madness of the everyday? Where do we begin? How do we become so lost and disconnected? How do we find our way home?

Maybe we can just stop and be still for a while. Maybe our silence and stillness is a radical act and the first step upon a path of personal evolution.

Join us as we explore the mystery of the land and the gifts it has to offer. We will tune our body and mind to the rhythm of the land as it finds its way through the soles of our feet. We will walk, listen, drum, sing, dance, search, write, divine and create magic upon the land.

Prerequisite: Elements of Magic

Ancestor Work: Listening to the voices from the deep land and our deep heart

With Lisa and Julie

The land holds all those who came before. Our bodies hold our heritage. As we listen to the song of the land, we can also hear the voices of the ancestors. Indeed, witches have worked with the dead from time immemorial. As you listen, what stirs within your deep heart?

And so we turn towards to the Ancestors:
Ancestors of Blood
Ancestors of Land
Ancestors of Craft.

Together we will strengthen our bonds with those beyond the veil through veneration and reciprocation: we will tend their altars, light their candles, and feed them. Through trance and ritual, we will commune with the dead and open the Western Gate. We will learn from our witch ancestors how we together can rise in power. For what is remembered, lives.
In this path we will tend to our relationships with land and heritage, bringing presence to our experiences of connection and disconnection. We acknowledge our predecessors have influenced our experiences of home, race, gender, class, and sexuality. We will offer ourselves time, space and permission to feel, grieve and reflect. Our voices and drums will carry our yearnings and magic on the wind. We sing as and with our lineages. We sing as and with the land.
And the land holds all those who are yet to come. In the words of Aunty Maureen Watson: “While we are alive, here in our lifetimes, we literally have the power to decide what type of ancestor we will be.”

And so we turn to the Descendants:
Descendants of Blood
Descendants of Land
Descendants of Craft.

As you listen into the deep past and deep future, what power arises in the now?
Please bring your journal, a water bottle, and items for our central ancestor altar. Rattles and drums are also welcome.

Prerequisite: Elements of Magic