Living Elements: the Cross-roads of Magic
with Indigo Rose and Jarrah

Elements of magic, elements of witchcraft, elements of Reclaiming and the elements of life - earth, air, fire, water, spirit. With all who show up for this path we orient ourselves where these vital elements intersect, the crossroads. Returning to camp grounded on Dja Dja Wurrung country, we open to the land, to the sky, to the river, to our fire within and we open to spirit.

This path facilitates an ongoing learning of the foundational tools of magic and ritual. Elements of Magic is the foundational core class of Reclaiming WitchCraft and offers a chance to explore our key cultures as well as practices such as grounding, circle casting/creating sacred space, power from within, invocation, energy raising, trance and co-created ritual. The path includes individual and group processes, basic and practical skills as well as time for discussion and questions. People of all ages, abilities, backgrounds, and magical training (or none) are welcome. We are committed to making this path and its exercises accessible, and we hope to work outdoors on the land as much as possible.

If you have not already taken this path at Earthsong WitchCamp or elsewhere in the community, this is your path. We also welcome experienced WitchCampers to this ever renewing, revitalising work of Elements of Magic with us at this camp.


Between Earth & Sky - the intersection of Astrology & Magic

with Tracey and Sue Blackfeather

We are of land and sky

We are part of a cosmic story

Between the earth and stars, we find ourselves.
Upon the earth, we awaken

From birth, energetic interplay between the planets and earth is manifest within us.

It moves and shapes how we navigate our way through the world.

Ever evolving, we are  

At every moment in time we find ourselves at a crossroads, arriving with the weight of our experiences and circumstances. At the crossroads there is endless potential and possibility, coloured only by the choices we make, the paths we choose. Hekate raises her torch towards the sky to illuminate the mystery held within the planetary cycles that influence our personality and relationship to the world we live in.

This Path will use the planetary symbolism of Astrology as a framework to explore aspects of Self and how we can use this ancient knowledge to enhance our magical practices.

With Hekate’s key we will unlock the language of Astrology for the sky to speak to us.

With intention, we will travel through the solar system gaining insight and understanding of all aspects of our unique selves. We are a reflection of the stellar bodies and through embodied practices, creativity and magic we will dare to venture beyond the threshold.

“When you don’t follow your nature, there is a hole in the universe where you were supposed to be” Dane Rudyar

This is not an Astrology class and you don’t have to know Astrology to journey with us.  

Elements of Magic is not a pre-requisite for this Path, however the practices and magical workings will be Reclaiming-style. For those new to the Reclaiming Tradition and culture, Elements of Magic is recommended.


with Pabs and Lisa Valkyrie

“Embodying silence, we also come to personify the Dark One: We become the liminal spaces between waning and waxing...every ending and beginning. We are the pause between breaths...Such is the Witch who dares go beyond wanting, knowing, and doing” - Karina Blackheart

The skills of a proficient witch can be summarised by the ‘Witch’s Pyramid’ - to know, to will, to dare and to keep silent.’ At WitchCamps, we usually find ourselves with ample opportunity to practice our knowing, willingness and daring, but too often there isn’t much space for silence. However, when we practice stilling our minds and gently turn from the constant stimulation in our daily lives, we can finally hear our own thoughts, acknowledge our emotions, and integrate our experiences. With a calm mind, we hear the whispers of our ancestors, the land spirits, and our Godds.

Hekate knows much has changed in the past 12 months. This land has experienced devastating destruction, our lives have been in unparalleled upheaval due the pandemic, and our own community continues to evolve and change. Finding ourselves at this maelstrom, this crossroad; we offer this path to come to terms with what has occurred, what we have lost (and potentially gained), and to delve into the mysteries that are offered inside ourselves.

And so we meet Hekate at the crossroads of our lives. Through meditation, devotion, dancing, writing, singing, drawing, and chanting, we will endeavour to get deeply in touch and in love with ourselves again. With Her Torch, we will illuminate that which we normally keep hidden in the shadows. With Her Knife, we will cut away our outdated processes. With Her Key, we can unlock love and empathy.

This is an inward looking path, for contemplation and reflection. And this is a devotional path: devotion to ourselves, our communities, and to Hekate who offers us this challenge to compassionately do this Work.

We offer this path to you, dear campers, as a balm for your souls. Please bring your curiosity, your journals, art supplies, dancing shoes, and your willingness to engage with yourself.

Elements of Magic is a prerequisite


The Witchy as Fuck Path - Sorcery at the Crossroads

With August Wolff and Fio Aengus

“A witch ought never to be frightened in the darkest forest, Granny Weatherwax had once told her, because she should be sure in her soul that the most terrifying thing in the forest was her.” — Terry Pratchett, Wintersmith

We arrive - curious, listening. We leave -  armed to the teeth. Witches stand as enemies to Empire, we get witchy as fuck for liberation, for justice, and for wonder.

Hekate awaits us at the crossroads, beckoning us forth in all our parts. We are here to build resilience, sorcerous skill and the magical fortitude to face the world as it is, in all its parts, knowing we can shift things within and without. We are not here to wither in denial, click ‘like’ and do nothing or send empty wishes. We aspire to become Fates amongst Fates and weave with the Becoming of Things.

There will always be places that require us to see, sniff, taste, hear and feel. Times that need us to come fully, in presence and prowess. We work to recognise and draw dynamism from our own challenges and mistakes, landscapes watered by radical accountability and willingness, for it is often these places in ourselves, or by our own making, that require tending most of all. The work of this path will invite turning up to our varied-wild-fragmented-whole parts, with clarity, precision and lucidity… and the ability to shape reality with self-awareness and the skills of the Witch.

We will drop into openness and empathy and loosen the grip of our limiting beliefs in order to greet what is and what can become. From here, with Hekate as our guide, we work with the crossroads, with time, with power, with agency, and responsibility.

In this path we will deepen our work in oracular seership, aspecting and possessory states, justice-workings - binding/cursing/basting/banishing/undoing - spirit-flight and shape-shifting. We understand that the most challenging conjuration is of the deepest self, commanding our senses into vital being and opening to the magic of this wild and wondrous cosmos.

Elements of Magic is a prerequisite.