I live in my homeland of Aotearoa, the land of the long white cloud, New Zealand. My ancestors are from across Europe, but the closest connections are to those from Galway and Cork in Ireland, and from Ngati Pou of Tainui Iwi in Aotearoa/New Zealand. The ancestral river of my Iwi is the Waikato, but my home, and home of my family across 5 generations is Te Whanga-nui-a-Tara (the great harbour of Tara)/ Wellington. I lived in Dublin in 2017, and connect with Ireland as a homeland, and with the myths of the Three Cauldrons of Poesy, with Boann, with Brighid, with Lugh.

I've been a pagan for 22 years, identifying strongly with Reclaiming. While most of my connection has been through books and online, I attended my first/the first Reclaiming Free Activist Witchcamp in the wilds of Oregon in 2005, and the SF Spiral Dance in 2008. I'm also a member of my local OBOD Druid - Grove of the Summer Stars, where I practice my fledgling bardic skills, am an Alexandrian Witch, and work with a small but growing Reclaiming aligned group in Wellington.

I was honoured to visit and connect with the very different land, the land of the Dja Dja Warrung at Earthsong in 2018, and immediately volunteered as an Organiser to connect with the community in Australia, the so many beautiful witches, and this land.

I am Info / Web Witch, and am glad to be able to bring my IT skills into the service of my spiritual community.