Much of my life journey has been about trying to come to peace with an innate sense of Otherness. This has led me down the path of learning about the world’s religions, queerness, different therapies, men’s work and training in group facilitation and leadership. Witchcraft and Shamanism have been big parts of that journey and I have been involved in a number of communities and endeavours focused on these.

Along the way I have explored journeying with plant medicines. On one such exploration, the plant spirit kept whispering into my ears, “Pleasure, Pleasure, your path is pleasure!” Consequently, I have been studying embodied sexuality and it is the sacred sexuality space at camp, the Bower, and Sex Magic that really call me. I love the adage, “All Acts of Love and Pleasure are Her Ritual”.

In 2016, at EarthSong, I experienced a deep sense of homecoming through the non-hierarchical, spontaneous, experiential and ecstatic nature of a WitchCamp. I am very honoured to have the chance to serve the community that has given me so much, in the role of Rego Witch.