Raven first experienced a Reclaiming magical intensive on Dartmoor in the UK with Starhawk in 1990, and was blown away by the potent mix of magic, self-empowerment and feminism, and she has been weaving Reclaiming style magic ever since.  She attended her first witchcamp in California in 1999, on her back way to Australia, and when she landed in Sydney one of the first things she did was look around for other Reclaiming witches.  It took a few years but in 2011 she was delighted to attend the first Australian Witchcamp with 60 other awesome witches! It felt like she was home at last.

Raven works closely with faery, trees, and the Land using tools such deep listening, voice, and song as a means to open our hearts. She believes nature and the wild are all around us, everywhere, in the city, in the country and all places in between. Raven has a fierce love for the planet and seeks to bridge the worlds of magic and activism knowing that both are vital to bringing healing and change for ourselves, our communities, and the Earth.

Raven lives in the middle of Sydney, Australia in a tall thin house with a garden on the roof. She loves to grow her own vegetables with her hubby and son and watch the clouds scud over when it’s windy.

This is Raven’s second year on the Earthsong organiser’s team and she is holding the exciting role of webwitch.